Hi!  I'm Trea Jensen, Welcome!

I am an Artist, Educator, Musician and  Energy Medicine Healing Practioner.   

I have many artistic practices that heighten my intuition and insight.  I bring a holistic circle of influences to my healing practice.  I activate the five senses and the Clair-senses to assist me as a Healing facilitator/practitioner,  artist, teacher, and musician.

With these tools, I bring a diversity of wellness services to your path of transformation, so you leave feeling  renewed and centred with the truth of your own essence.

Together we can create transformative moments through intuitive healing sessions , art as healing, or drum circle sessions.  
These modalities help the 'body mind' move from sympathetic (fight and flight) to a parasympathetic(rest and repair) response.


"By releasing cellular memory of past trauma , your whole Being is brought to this present moment where true transformative powers rest."

I have always been intrigued  and drawn to ways of bringing wellness to my being, whether it be through art, music, essential oils,  yoga,  or energy medicine!

Like mixing paint on a palate I mix all my interests together, which seems to work!   I infuse my art with a focus of love and kindness and being energetically present,   Same goes for  singing, or songwriting, drumming and teaching.   
I am constantly learning.  I've been taking art workshops, African, Irish, Middle Eastern drumming, and Belly Dancing, Guitar  lessons.  Learning ancient script  as in Viking Runes and Celtic Ogham.   With all these yummy learning experiences I have also added Energy Medicine to my tool bag.   

My journey as an energy medicine practitioner started with receiving my Reiki Level One after a life threatening illness.  I was always looking for someone to heal me.  I realized I was my own healer and also required healing practitioners who could hold space for me while on my journey.   
I completed my Reiki Levels to Usui Reiki Master Teacher,  then received my Karuna™  Reiki Master Teacher levels.   I have taught many students throughout the years, who in turn brought me more understanding to the powers of energy healing    I
was fortunate to then learn the BodyTalk system which brought more awareness of  anatomy, its processes, and permissions.  

I love learning all the different languages of healing modalities.  My path as a practitioner continues to bring me knew experiences and understandings.

Over 16years I have studied  healing modalities with these intuitive phenomenal teachers.  

Usui and Karuna Master teacher
with Jane Mackenzie,  Banff AB 

Certified BodyTalk Practioner,  Break Through and Mindscape.

with Sherry Gilbert. Eastend SK

Access Bars and Body processes practitioner 
with Joanna Boutiere, Swift Current SK

Wild Medicine Healers Training year one
with Nadine Robinson, Calgary AB

Other modalities and tools I utilize are: Chakras,  Akashic records, Alexander technique, Oracle card readings, channeling, basic cranial sacral, EFT, art as healing facilitation and sound(drumming, crystal bowls, chimes).


You are Energy!
Your authentic self is
a vibrational Being!

Remember Who You Are!
 My multi-disciplinary approach to wellness supports your journey into remembering who you are!

Reiki Treatment
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Abundance Goddess           Goddess of Joy         Goddess Vessel Art work by Trea Jensen ©